what's in a session?

newborn sessions

I love newborn sessions!  This time, within the first 2 weeks of being born, is so precious.  I love to capture the memories being made as a family is growing and changing.  Whether it be from a family or 2 to 3 or to a family of 4 to 5; I want to help keep this time alive through photographs.  

Check out my Newborn Section to see how I bring natural, lifestyle type photography to your in-home newborn sessions.  These sessions normally last around 2 hours, with time to relax, feed and change your baby.  

portrait sessions

These sessions can be anything you want them to be!  My goal is for you to walk away, having had FUN with your family and me.  To have made memories while we photographed your family, doing something you enjoy.  What do you like to do on a Saturday morning? Let's do THAT!  Do you hike, kayak, play sports, or lounge around at your home?  I want to document and photograph your family being YOU.  We will work together to find the perfect way to capture your family at this time in your lives.

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