My earliest memories revolve around photography and its influence on my life.   At every event, every important moment in my childhood, my mother was always there, camera in hand to capture the memory.  Boxes upon boxes of printed photographs can be found at her house to prove how important she felt capturing those moments were for our family!  I love photographs; especially printed ones!  You can hold them, look at them and be instantly transported to a different place and time.  Much like the music of a song, photographs can bring a memory to life in a vivid tangible way.  

My love of photography began at a young age, learning to photograph landscapes and beautiful scenery.  However, with the birth of my oldest daughter everything changed.  I wanted to capture every moment I had with her; every new thing she did.  It was during this time I turned my attention to portrait photography.  I realized that what I was doing, was freezing a moment in time, that years later, I could look back on and remember.  To remember the feel of her little, cool hands, how she laughed, even how she smiled.  Twelve years later, I now have 3 girls, who are the best muses I could ask for (most of the time), and who I photograph often, so I can look back on each stage of our lives.  My husband and I are truly blessed and capturing these moments help us realize that on a daily basis.

I fall in love with photography every time I photograph a new family.  I want to capture those memories for you, so that you may feel the same joy I feel when photographing my family.  The real moments.  Not just the posed pictures of a beautiful family, but the essence of your family.  I know that I desperately want to remember the goofy smile my daughter had when she was 3.  In 20 years, it will be foggy; but I know I can pull out the picture of her with her silly, twisted smile and squinty eyes, and be taken back to that time in our lives.  That is what I want to do for your family.  To capture a moment, a real, genuine time in your life, doing what you love, with the people you adore, and where you can be YOU.



Texas:  Austin, Dripping Springs, Lakeway and surrounding areas, College Station

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